Why Gautam Gambhir Could Be India’s Next Cricket Coach

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Gambhir as India Coach – Will He or Won’t He?

Among the hundreds and thousands of images beamed from the Chepauk in Chennai on Sunday night, one stood out: Jay Shah and Gautam Gambhir conversing together. It was a brief, blink-and-miss visual, and for all onlookers, it was difficult to determine if the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was simply congratulating Gambhir on the IPL triumph or if the discussion went beyond pleasantries.

The Context of the Meeting

As it turned out, the two were together for more than 15 minutes, attracting the attention of many at the ground. They walked down from the corporate box of the Chepauk and stood near the podium, speaking one-on-one. Roger Binny, the president of the BCCI, and Arun Singh Dhumal, the chairman of the IPL, briefly intervened but left them alone after understandably congratulating Gambhir on the Kolkata Knight Riders‘ triumph. This interaction has fueled ongoing speculation about Gambhir being in the race to become the coach of the Indian team. However, little can be inferred from that meeting. If the BCCI had indeed shortlisted Gambhir for the coach position, it would not conduct discussions in the crowded ambiance of post-final revelry and cacophony. Such matters would be discussed in the closed confines of a chamber if they haven’t been already.

The Speculation Begins

Media and fan reactions have been abuzz with speculation following this interaction. Gambhir’s career, marked by his no-nonsense demeanor and tactical acumen, makes him a strong candidate. His success with the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), leading them to multiple IPL triumphs, adds to his credentials.

BCCI’s Criteria for the Next Coach

Jay Shah has clearly outlined what the BCCI seeks in the next coach. “Finding the right coach for our national team is a meticulous and thorough process. We are focused on identifying individuals who possess a deep understanding of the Indian cricket structure and have risen through the ranks. It’s crucial that our coach has an in-depth knowledge of our domestic cricket framework to truly elevate Team India to the next level,” Shah stated. This statement highlights the importance of a coach who knows the intricacies of Indian cricket, something Gambhir arguably understands well.

Gambhir’s Qualifications and Experience

Gambhir has an illustrious cricketing career, with pivotal roles in India’s 2007 T20 World Cup and 2011 Cricket World Cup victories. As a coach, his tenure with KKR has been noteworthy. Under his guidance, KKR clinched the IPL title, showcasing his strategic brilliance and ability to manage a diverse team. His approach, often described as straightforward and unyielding, aligns with the competitive nature of international cricket.

Gambhir’s Relationship with Key Players

One potential concern is Gambhir’s historic feud with Virat Kohli, a former captain and an integral member of the Indian team. Their differences have been well-documented, and this could impact team dynamics if Gambhir takes the helm. However, professional environments often require individuals to set aside personal differences for the greater good, and many believe both Gambhir and Kohli are capable of doing so.

The Application Process

Monday is the last day for submitting applications for the coach’s position, a prerequisite for a candidate to be considered. Sources say Gambhir has not yet formally submitted his CV, though there is still time. After the IPL triumph celebrations, which continued until 7 AM on Monday in a Chennai hotel, Gambhir took the 10 AM flight to Delhi on Monday and could not be immediately contacted. This leaves his application status up in the air, adding to the intrigue.

Inside Sources and Speculations

Those close to Gambhir say the former India batsman has remained steadfastly silent on the matter since speculation began about a week ago. A few KKR teammates and members inquired with him, and he just shoulder-shrugged the queries and inquiries with a smile. He did not attempt to dismiss the talk but did not indicate that he is interested in the job, either. This response is being considered as an open-ended one. However, one IPL owner, close to the BCCI top brass, told this website that the next coach has been finalized and it will be announced after the IPL final.

Potential Benefits of Gambhir as Coach

Gambhir’s approach could bring a refreshing change to the Indian team. His reputation for discipline and focus could instill a sense of rigor and determination in the players. Moreover, his firsthand experience as a player and coach in the Indian cricketing ecosystem provides him with valuable insights that could bridge the gap between domestic and international cricket.

Potential Challenges and Controversies

However, the role of a national coach is fraught with challenges. Managing high-profile players, dealing with media scrutiny, and navigating the internal politics of the BCCI are significant hurdles. Gambhir’s straightforward approach might clash with some established norms, but it could also serve as a catalyst for positive change.

The Bigger Picture

The BCCI’s long-term goals for Indian cricket involve not just winning matches but building a robust system that nurtures talent at all levels. The coach plays a crucial role in this vision. Whether Gambhir fits into this larger picture depends on his ability to align with these goals while bringing his unique perspective and strategies to the table.

Fan Reactions and Public Opinion

Social media has been abuzz with reactions to the possibility of Gambhir becoming the coach. Fans have mixed opinions, with some excited about the prospect of his no-nonsense approach and others concerned about his past controversies. Cricket analysts and experts have weighed in, offering a range of opinions that reflect the complexity of this potential appointment.

What If Gambhir Isn’t Selected?

If Gambhir is not selected, there are several other capable candidates in the fray. Each brings a unique set of skills and experiences that could benefit the Indian team. Regardless of the outcome, Gambhir’s future in cricket, whether as a coach or in another capacity, looks promising. His impact on KKR has cemented his reputation as a capable leader, and his contributions to Indian cricket are undeniable.


The speculation surrounding Gautam Gambhir’s potential appointment as the coach of the Indian cricket team has captured the attention of fans and experts alike. His credentials, experience, and approach make him a strong candidate, but the final decision rests with the BCCI. Whether he takes on the role or not, the ongoing discussions highlight the meticulous process involved in selecting the right coach for Team India.


Is Gautam Gambhir officially the next coach of the Indian cricket team?
No official announcement has been made yet. The B

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