Jun 29, 2020

Cars in Fortnite: Leaked Data Provides Insight

Cars in Fortnite: Leaked Data Provides Insight

Cars are coming to Fortnite Season 3 and the community is getting ready to incorporate these new tools into their gameplay. Here’s a quick snapshot of what we know so far.

As Fortnite Season 3 progresses, slowly the flood will recede and reveal the land underneath.

When this happens, players will be encouraged to trade in their boats and sharks for more reasonable transportation, like cars.

Cars will allow players a way to quickly and (somewhat) safely travel around the map in order to make their way to the safe zone, and potentially even build up before anyone else can get there.

Data miners have found information for a small car, medium car, large car, and a massive 18-wheeled truck.

The size of your vehicle will affect how long you can drive, how durable your vehicle is, and how strong the vehicle’s boost is.

Data points have also been leaked for variables titled “FuelPerSecondLeaking” and “FuelPerSecondBoosting” implying that these vehicles will be at least somewhat limited by their resources.

Take a look at the image below to see more specific numbers about how these cars are expected to work.

It looks like each game of Fortnite can allow for as many as 10 cars and as few as 1. This means that while cars can always have a presence in a game, finding one or more might be difficult or rare.

The vulnerability cars have through their fuel resource might mean their impact is limited more to short term travel than to long term fight participation.

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